Total Value Annuity.

Uncap Your Practice

Beat your competition to the punch. The annuity product advisors have been waiting for: now you have the UNPRECEDENTED opportunity to offer it to your clients, courtesy of Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (Security Benefit) and The Impact Partnership.

Introducing the industry’s first fixed index annuity featuring an uncapped index crediting option designed to be non-correlated to traditional asset classes1. Security Benefit, a Guggenheim Partners company, has released the landscape-changing Total Value Annuity (TVA)—and you could be one of just 500 Impact advisors with the initial opportunity to offer it.

The TVA offers a never-before-seen index crediting option, a potentially market-changing death benefit rider for your clients, and a unique and powerful income rider.


  • Up to a 10% bonus (bonus vested at death)2
  • 10-year surrender charge product (bonus recapture and, in most states, a market value adjustment also apply)
  • 10% Free Withdrawal beginning in the second Contract Year
  • Terminal Illness Waiver and Nursing Home Waiver (not available in all states)
  • Proprietary 5 Year Annuity Linked TVI (ALTVI) Index Account (Uncapped Index Account)3
  • Stacking rollup to the Income Rider benefit base and Death Benefit Roll-up Amount (premium + premium bonus + guaranteed 4% interest credits + any interest crediting from the index accounts)
  • Up to a 7% commission
  • Industry-Leading Payout Factors (Increase 10 bps per year)
  • Home Healthcare Doubler4
  • Death Benefit Rider (Paid LUMP SUM at Death, up to 300% of total premiums)
The Annuity Linked TVI (the “ALTVI”) is derived from the Trader Vic Index – Excess Return (or “TVI”). The ALTVI has a volatility control overlay that is adjusted daily based on recent historical volatility, so that more volatility generally leads to reduced exposure to the TVI and less volatility generally leads to more exposure.* The overlay may thus reduce or increase the potential positive change in the ALTVI relative to the TVI and thus may lessen or increase the interest that will be credited to a fixed indexed annuity allocated to the ALTVI relative to one allocated to the TVI (which is not available). The overlay also reduces the cost to hedge the interest crediting risk to Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (“SBL”). As a result, SBL may be able to offer a higher cap, higher participation rate, or lower spread (or potentially no cap, 100% participation, and no spread) on the ALTVI as a crediting option within a fixed index annuity relative to what it would be able to offer with the TVI as a crediting option. The cost for the volatility control overlay and maintaining the ALTVI is 1.25% per annum. RBS collects this daily through an up front pro rata deduction from the TVI in calculating the ALTVI. *As low as 10% (in the event of very high volatility) to as high as 150% (in the event of very low volatility). Historical average as of June 21, 2013 = 95.2%.

The Guggenheim Legacy

In July 2010, Security Benefit was acquired by an investor group led by Guggenheim Partners, continuing their legacy for innovative thinking and success. As part of the transaction, they infused a significant amount of capital into Security Benefit, thus committing themselves to Security Benefit’s financial strength and healthy outlook for the future. As one of the leading financial firms in the world, the Guggenheim legacy is one of the most enduring in modern global business. The Total Value Annuity is a result of this collaboration, and we are proud to be able to offer you this opportunity.
1 depending on market conditions, participation rates and spreads may apply in the future.
2 depending on state, age and purchase of rider
3 Income Benefit Base is not available for withdrawals, death benefit or annuitization. Death Benefit Base is not available for withdrawals or annuitization. The Roll-ups are not interest credited to the Total Value Annuity’s Account Value.
4 Not available in all states. Please refer to the Income Rider Brochure and the Statement of Understanding for information about the terms, conditions and limitations.
If you want to learn more about the Total Value Annuity, click below or call your Impact Sales Expert at 800-380-5040.
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