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3 Reasons We Created American Retirement Institute

Industry Insight Marketing | February 12, 2019

3 Reasons We Created American Retirement Institute

Last week, we announced our latest marketing initiative, American Retirement Institute, a national seminar brand designed to help financial advisors reach a targeted audience with specific needs and better assist retirees with the challenges of retiring in today’s environment.

American Retirement Institute Logo

Our classroom-style course, Retirement Today, is designed to be held in an educational environment, helping attract a new type of prospect through our direct mail and digital marketing efforts.

Since our announcement, we’ve received questions from our advisors on why we decided to market this under a national brand instead of through their personal practice brands. I wanted to provide some brief insight about this direction and a few tips on how our advisors can maximize this opportunity.

Reason 1: Credibility for our advisors

We understand it’s hard to compete with the big financial names in your area. They have millions of dollars to spend on marketing and many, many years building their brand. Credibility is key when building your independent practice and Impact has committed to help grow our advisor’s credibility through media partnerships, strong brands, engaging radio shows, and so much more.

American Retirement Institute is a nationwide network of chosen financial advisors educating their communities. This position helps give your attendees confidence in their presenter and that they’ll receive true education without the sales pitch, since this is only offered through a select group of advisors. By aligning yourself with a national brand, you’re building credibility with your prospects and communities overall.

Here’s a quick tip on how to maximize the credibility opportunity: Reach out to your marketing manager to add your American Retirement Institute Financial Educator badge to your website. This will help drive interest to your events and create brand alignment with your personal practice. Also, be on the lookout for office signage to add to your wall of credibility and help transition the national brand to your personal practice during the financial lab.

Reason 2: Better campaign results

Our ultimate goal is to drive as many qualified leads to your events through our direct mail and digital marketing efforts. With a national brand, we’ll help drive more leads than ever before and here’s why:

The first thing most of us do when we hear about a new brand, product, or service is to Google it. If we can’t find it then we get discouraged and lose confidence in the legitimacy of the brand. If you’re working with Impact you should have a great looking and user-friendly website that’s easy to find when Googled. However, we all know this takes time, work, and a pretty big digital marketing budget to beat out your competitors.

With American Retirement Institute, we’ll have multiple campaigns always running at the same time, which will help drive more traffic to the site which in turns helps the website perform better. The more traffic we drive, the more engagement we have, the easier the site is to find and encourage registrations.

This is also true for Facebook ads as we build the ARI Facebook fan page. Our ads will perform better and help give us the opportunity to reach larger audiences for your campaigns.

And, as the year goes on, Impact will expand our digital efforts and focus on building the brand through national campaigns, which will help your focused campaigns thrive.

Marketing tip: When deciding whether to do direct mail or digital ads to drive course attendance, think about using the two in tandem. Each market is different, so until you test out different avenues, you won’t know. Properly track where each lead is coming from to make the best decision on your next campaign.

Reason 3: IT WORKS!

I’m a strong believer in testing EVERYTHING before we launch programs, sales ideas, or even email blasts. Over the past six months, we’ve been testing two digital banner ads to see how well the public would accept the American Retirement Institute brand. The banner ads, hosted on, encouraged consumers to download a free retirement guide from a landing page with the ARI brand. The consumer was asked to put in their name, phone, and email to receive the download, and when they did that, they reached a second form to be alerted when an ARI course was offered in their area.

They had NO prior understanding of ARI or the type of courses that would be offered, but after six months we received over 200 leads. 150 of those leads requested to be alerted when there’s an event in their area.

Besides the normal traffic receives each day, we did nothing to drive traffic or leads through these banner ads. The brand took off, and there’s a big need for consumers to find organizations and education like what we offer through American Retirement Institute.


We’re extremely excited about the opportunities this program will bring our financial advisors. We’ll continue to grow the brand throughout the year and share results and success stories with you.

Make sure to reach out to your Impact Sales Coach or Marketing Manager to get started with ARI today.

Written on February 12, 2019 by:

Alexandra House

Alexandra House As Impact’s VP of Marketing & Brand Manager, Alex oversees all of marketing, helping the team bring new solutions to advisors’ practices through referral development, digital advertising, branding, and direct mail. Before joining the Impact team, Alex specialized in high-end magazines at a national publishing firm. Originally from North Carolina, Alex enjoys cheering on the Tar Heels with her husband.

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