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4 Best Practices from Top Producers

Posted on April 28, 2020

What are the best financial practices in the country doing right now?

 1. They are calling their clients. 

The best financial practices are reaching out to 5-15 of their clients daily — just to have a conversation.

“I just wanted to reach out. How’s the family doing?”

Let the clients steer the conversation to what’s important to them and what’s on their minds. What’s keeping them up at night?

After the client has had a chance to direct the conversation, now it’s time for a temperature check.

“When we were working on your plan, we talked about protecting against a market downturn and what your risk tolerance is. I’ve learned that sometimes what we thought we could tolerate isn’t quite what we want to tolerate. How are you feeling? Do you feel like the risk tolerance we built the plan on is still the same after experiencing the past month?”

And finally, they reassure their clients.

“We’ve planned for this. Everything is going to be OK.” 

2. Top producers are continuing to inform and educate.

The best practices are the go-to informers for their clients and prospects right now. Here’s how they’re doing it: 

  • Setting up a private Facebook group for their clients
  • Starting or continuing events like First Fridays, but virtually.
  • Holding virtual Lunch and Learn events or biweekly “State of the Union” talks for their clients.

3. They continue to build their pipeline.

Radio and TV listenership are skyrocketing. It’s the perfect time to build your media presence. At the same time, referrals are more important than ever. The best practices make sure their clients know they can have friends join their educational Lunch and Learns or private Facebook group.

The best practices are also using digital campaigns and advertising on Facebook and Google now more than ever as people are communicating and looking for information on the internet. That includes emailing campaigns to their database of prospects who signed up for a seminar but didn’t attend, attended but didn’t do business with them, or came in for an appointment but it just wasn’t the right time.

These advisors have built their databases over the years, and now they are putting them to work.

4. Advisors succeeding in this market continue to move forward.

Most of all, the best practices aren’t waiting this out or putting things on hold. Instead, they’re making moves that will put their practices in a stronger place when we come out of this crisis.

If you aren’t doing these four things with your practice, the best time to start is now. Impact Partnership can help with all four, so give us a call if you need guidance on any of them!


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