An American casts their vote in a presidential election

How Financial Advisors Can Use the 2020 Election in Their Marketing

No matter their affiliation, people tend to get fired up about politics. Nothing emphasizes our hopes, dreams, fears, and anxieties quite like an election, and this year’s promises to be especially electrifying. As we witness an impeachment trial (for some voters, the first in their lifetime) and one of the most competitive party nomination races in history, people have more questions than ever about the fate of their economic futures.

As we approach the Iowa caucus, tensions are high among candidates. Many political scientists believe the Iowa caucus has a significant impact on the official election in November. The good news is, you don’t have to be a political expert or declare your undying loyalty to one candidate over another – in fact, we advise against it – to leverage the upcoming election in your marketing strategy.

What’s at Stake in 2020

One of the hottest topics in this election cycle is health care. With many Democrats calling for major health care reform, it’s possible that big changes are on the horizon. This is an excellent opportunity to remind your clients and prospects about their own plans for health care and long-term care. You can help them prepare for different outcomes depending on not only the final Democratic candidate, but on the final results of the election in November.

For your younger clients (or the children of your clients), student loan debt is a huge deciding factor on how to vote this year. Each candidate has their own plans for the future of education in our country. This is another way to leverage your services: Help your clients understand how different candidates’ plans may affect their debt – or not.

Social Security is also a big deal. With the benefit pool already drastically underfunded, people want to know if they can count on the benefits they paid into. As a financial professional, you can help them understand how each candidate plans to approach this issue.

Of course, the economy in general is typically a hot-button issue in most elections. People want to know how a new candidate will affect the economy.

How to Leverage the 2020 Election in Your Marketing Strategy

Your main goal should be to demonstrate yourself as a capable agent who is up to speed on current events. You should highlight both your education and your ability to answer any questions they may have about various candidates and the potential effects they may have on retirement and the economy without bias.

You can do this by hosting election-themed events, workshops, or seminars. In our experience, relevant, topic-based marketing assets perform significantly better than more generic content. (In fact, our Trump Tax Plan mailer is still one of our best performing pieces to date!)

Invite clients and prospects to come to your office (or venue of your choice) and ask their questions in a neutral environment. If you decide to host a group event, make sure that you carefully moderate the discussion – you don’t want it turning into a full-blown debate!

Alternatively, you can invite people in for private consultations about their concerns surrounding the election. This will allow you to connect on a deeper level with each client/prospect and provide them with a private environment to share their worries with you. You can give them your undivided attention and help them work out a plan to address their concerns.

To keep yourself from alienating individuals who may have different political views than your own, be sure to market yourability to help them develop a bipartisan retirement plan. After all, we won’t know the outcome until November, but you can help your clients prepare for different situations ahead of time, so they are not left scrambling to get their questions answered.