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A Message From Our CEO

The reason you’re on this page is because you’ve made the decision to be proactive; and while your competitors have decided to just wait this out or have taken the mindset of “this will blow over,” you’re taking action and turning the current environment into an opportunity.

Impact has built out tools and resources for our advisors that will allow them not only to continue to serve their clients in need but also to grow their practices by becoming the go-to advisors in their communities.

We’ll update this page every day with new videos and resources for your practice. Make sure to check back!

Leading the Virtual Discussion: Interview with Abe Ashton

“Leading the Virtual Discussion” is a series of practice-building videos highlighting advisors who are operating in the virtual world. These interviews will be conducted by The Impact Partnership’s CEO Stephen Odom as he has a conversation business owner to business owner with practices across the country.

In the first of our series, Abe Ashton shares with Stephen some of the conversations he’s been having lately with clients and how he’s been quick to adopt some technology to help him service current clients as well as continue to prospect for new ones. Abe talks to virtual webinars, private Facebook groups, and client advisory boards and about why he’s so excited about the current opportunity.

Leading the Virtual Discussion: Art McPherson

In this segment, Stephen Odom and Art McPherson run into some technology issues midway, but as we all are doing, they press on with the conversation and make the best of the situation. Although we lose Art’s video for a minute, we still hear him share some great insights into de-stressing clients and talking to them about their portfolios. Art shares how virtual appointments are not only allowing him to connect with his clients and prospects but also creating efficiencies in his day. Art says he’s not slowing down when it comes to marketing and has actually ramped up the number of referrals he’s getting.

Leading the Virtual Discussion: Interview with Brandon Bowen

Brandon Bowen walks Stephen through how the recent events have affected his practice, from prospecting by way of educational classroom workshops to now educating online. He shares some great tips for helping clients and prospects adopt technology and gives some sound advice on how to be more effective as an advisor using face-to-face conferencing. Brandon also gives some insight as to what he’s been sharing with his managed money clients. As he says, 2020, not 2008, is now our new reference point for clients and prospects.

In Case You Missed It: Become "The" Virtual Advisor Webinar with CMO Alex House

CMO Alex House hosted “Become ‘The’ Virtual Advisor: Stand Out or Stand Down” where she shares innovative strategies to keep your clients engaged, revive old prospects and reach new leads during a “digital-only” environment.

COVID-19 and Your Website


If you’re driving traffic to your website right now and offering virtual appointments you want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for your prospects to get in touch with you. We recommend adding a banner or button on your homepage to drive to a specific “virtual request” form so you can properly track your marketing efforts during this time. The video above shows an example of what this would look like on your website. Reach out to your marketing strategist to get this added today!

Leading the Virtual Discussion: Abe Abich

As we all figure out how to operate in this new world, we’re going to have some challenges and some outcomes we can learn from. Stephen and Abe Abich talk about one of those events specifically as Abe shares what happened when he pivoted from a classroom educational workshop to a virtual workshop with zero attendees. Abe also shares how his practice has benefited from this new challenge and how the lessons he’s learning now are going to make his business stronger in the future.

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