5 Reasons Why Financial Advisors Should Host Events in December

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With the holiday season approaching, some financial advisors may be getting ready to slow down and taper off production. By now, it’s time to let your guard down and kick your feet up. No need to think about holding events. People go out of town in the last months of the year.


Wrong! As a top financial advisor, you’re obviously motivated to grow your practice — keeping your momentum through the end of the year is a great place to start. There’s nothing wrong with hosting events through December, and, in fact, doing so puts you well ahead of the competition.

If you’re still hesitant about prospecting during holiday months, these are the reasons why you should be hosting events through December.

Steady Events Bring Steady Business

During all the other months of the year, financial advisors know that steady work brings in steady business. Why should winter be any different? Instead of the herky-jerky, stop-and-start of new business at the end of the year, take the time to ensure a continuum between the end of this year and the beginning of the next.

If you stop holding seminars and referral events in December, you’re going to start the new year off on the wrong foot without a lot of new leads. Conversely, holding seminars and referral events through December sets you up for success in the weeks and months to come. No matter the number of new leads you create during this period, it’ll be greater than the zero you would have if you stopped hosting at all.

One of Impact’s top advisors held seminars until December 20th. An ambitious move, to be sure, but they started January with a lot more prospects and a lot less stress.

If your own motivation doesn’t convince you to actively prospect, then the accelerated motivation of the average American should, because…

New Year’s Resolutions Are a Powerful Motivator… and a Keen Reminder

The end of the year creates a self-imposed deadline for ALL OF US, and most of us (whether we admit it or not) start thinking about what we want to improve in the new year. Whether it’s shrinking our waistlines or expanding our savings, December is a great time to tap into that sense of urgency for potential clients.

Far from the slow, uneventful time some may think, the end of the year often finds people working to realize their goals and get a good foundation going for the next year. This mindset leads to an increased interest in ways to meet those goals. Those looking to educate themselves about their retirement are going to search thoroughly for those classes. And look… there’s yours! Wow! What a coincidence! They get a great head start on their goals, and you get to keep writing new business. A win-win!

Your prospects’ goals might be a bit vague or unguided, which is a great opportunity for you to hone their focus and direction. However, there is one which will likely come up during this time.

RMDs and Events

A required minimum distribution, or RMD, is the amount of money that must be withdrawn annually from an employer-sponsored retirement plan, traditional IRA, SEP, or SIMPLE individual retirement account by owners and qualified retirement plan participants of retirement age. This age was raised to 73 by an act of Congress in 2022. 2023, then, is the first year where those aged 73 will be required to take the RMD.

RMDs are calculated on December 31st, accounting for the balance of the previous year. As such, you’ll find a lot of people — those who just turned 73, those who may be older but inexperienced with RMDs, those who need a little refresher on the finer details — looking for some education. If you’ve decided to take off the entire end of the year and forgo events, who will these folks turn to? We really can’t say, but one thing’s for certain — it won’t be you.

IF, however, you wisely decide to host events through the end of the year, you’ll be there to educate about RMDs, why they could be beneficial to those approaching or past the minimum age, and how you can help them make the correct moves.

So far, we’ve outlined a few great reasons to keep running through the winter months. But you still might have concerns about folks actually being in town to attend. Well…

Holiday Travel Isn’t Universal

Sure. Some people DO travel around the holidays. But not all month long!

There are lots of holidays in December, and most people don’t celebrate all of them. Financial advisors in diverse, densely populated communities have seen firsthand the plethora of holidays celebrated and observed by their clients. Being available during this time not only opens you to help your community, it lets your entire base know that you have their needs in mind, regardless of background.

Even if your base celebrates the big holidays, they might not celebrate them abroad. Many people stay put during this time of year. Plus, travel during the holidays is VERY EXPENSIVE, and plenty of people opt to stay close to home, so you shouldn’t bank on that excuse.

Be There When No One Else Is

Your competition probably isn’t hosting seminars or referral events, so it’s an open market. Imagine that you’re a retiree staying in town this December. You open your mailbox to a warm holiday card, inviting you to a complimentary movie premiere that’ll have bottomless eggnog and apple cider. When the holiday season is so expensive, it’s pretty sweet to have a free event to go to! These are great opportunities to create what we like to call a “wow moment.”

If you want ideas for pulling off a great movie event, we’ve got a House Rules for that. Click here to watch and start brainstorming, or get in touch with Impact if you want more ideas for staying open for business through the end of the year!


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