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Licensing & Contracting

Impact’s licensing team will spearhead the appointment process with our carriers and products. From state licenses and training to commissions and carrier contracts, the licensing team will verify if you are in good order to write specific products in your writing state with a seamless submission process.

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Case Management & Processing

Your designated case managers for annuities and life insurance will execute your cases, starting with the application process all the way to the issuance and after. They will also work with our case processing team to maintain communication with you every step of the way to issue clean and quick business.

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2022 New Business Applications (Annuity + Life Insurance):


“It is very impressive the manner in which your firm and co-workers apply themselves to their positions in aiding Agents to have their applications processed in a timely, efficient manner. Your firm’s guidelines for application review is at the top level for all that I have seen in my years in the profession.”

– Edward H.


Radio shows, television segments, marketing materials, blogs, or client-facing documents are sent through our compliance team, aiding you to produce compliant and legally acceptable materials for your practice.


  • Compliant Practice Strategy
  • NAIC Best Interest
  • Cybersecurity
  • Client File Documentation
  • Current Regulations
  • Compliance Consultations

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