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Licensing & Contracting

Impact’s licensing team will spearhead the appointment process with our carriers and products. From state licenses and training to commissions and carrier contracts, the licensing team will verify if you are in good order to write specific products in your writing state with a seamless submission process.

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Case Management & Processing

Your designated case managers for annuities and life insurance will execute your cases, starting with the application process all the way to the issuance and after. They will also work with our case processing team to maintain communication with you every step of the way to issue clean and quick business.

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2020 In Good Order (IGO) Applications: 95%

Annuities and Life Insurance Sales

Go from a salesperson to a CEO with experienced business coaching and access to exclusive annuity and life insurance products

Salesperson to CEO

Your designated VP of Sales will be your own business coach, helping you get in front of prospects, recommending ways to reinvest into effective strategies, and improving the dynamics of your office. They’ll work along with your marketing strategist and case manager, as well as our client case design team to better serve you and your clients.


AUM/Assets Under Management

Client Case Design & Analyst

Your own personal Google for solving your trickiest client cases can explain the most difficult of questions. Our case design team remains updated on the latest product specs and fluctuations occurring in the market to best help you and your clients with custom illustrations and various case design options.

  • Annuities
  • Life Insurance
  • Social Security
  • RMDs
  • Income planning

“It is very impressive the manner in which your firm and co-workers apply themselves to their positions in aiding Agents to have their applications processed in a timely, efficient manner. Your firm’s guidelines for application review is at the top level for all that I have seen in my years in the profession.”

– Edward H.

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Carrier Partnerships

We partner with some of the industry’s leading carriers so you can meet the needs of your clients with the best products available.

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A unique partnership that creates Impact-exclusive products

We share a great relationship with the industry’s major insurance carriers and these partnerships have led to the creation of Impact-exclusive products that you can ONLY get with us.

Lincoln Financial Group –
Lincoln Impact Advantage

  • Industry’s first high net worth FIA
  • One of the highest S&P caps in the industry
  • Up to 125% participation rate on our new First Trust/JP Morgan index
Lincoln Logo

Investor’s Heritage –
Income Advantage

  • One of the top guaranteed income payments in the industry
  • 2 of 6 ADL doubler
  • Income will double for up to 5 years even if the account value reaches zero
Heritage Logo

Lafayette Life – Legacy Span

  • First of its kind annuity to life insurance product with one app, one illustration
  • SECURE Act alternative to tax-efficiently transfer wealth to heirs
  • Chronic and Critical illness protection while the client is living
Lafayette Logo


Radio shows, television segments, marketing materials, blogs, or client-facing documents are sent through our compliance team, aiding you to produce compliant and legally acceptable materials for your practice.


  • Compliant Practice Strategy
  • NAIC Best Interest
  • Cybersecurity
  • Client File Documentation
  • Current Regulations
  • Compliance Consultations

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