5 Unique Promotional Products Your Clients Will Remember

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Posted on March 23, 2017

How many branded coffee mugs and tumblers do you have in your cabinets? Probably more than you care to count, right?

When it comes to giving your clients and prospects branded items, think about giving them something that’s useful and has a long shelf life — not just another tchotchke.

Here are the top 5 promotional products to make your brand stay top of mind with your clients and prospects:

RFID-Blocking Credit Card Holder
With security being a priority for everyone these days, why not give away a branded RFID-blocking card holder or RFID-blocking passport holder? These gifts will help protect your clients and prospects against identity theft from RFID scanners. You give your clients added peace of mind with their retirement so why not extend that protection and peace of mind to their wallets as well?

Eyeglass Cleaning Kit
Whether we like to admit it or not, we all get to an age where we need some assistance with our eyesight. Why not help your clients see their future a little clearer with an eyeglass cleaning kit? These kits are great for purses, desk drawers, or glove compartments and contain a small spray bottle of cleaner and a branded microfiber cleaning cloth. Your clients will think of you every time they go to clean their glasses or sunglasses.

Webcam Covers
Did you know that webcams are the easiest thing to hack on a computer? Anyone can watch and record you through your webcam. Put your clients’ minds at ease with branded webcam covers. These small plastic covers are cool gadgets that are more stylish than a piece of tape and easily work on computers, smart TVs, monitors, and laptops. They’re also super thin so you can close your laptop with ease.

Mobile Device Holders
These desktop additions come in a variety of materials ranging from plastic to bamboo and can be branded with your logo. Whether at home or the office, mobile device holders can provide easy, hands-free horizontal or vertical use of tablets, smart phones, MP3 players, and other electronic and video devices, displayed vertically and horizontally.

USB Drives
Load information about your practice onto a USB drive rather than handing a client or prospect a stack of paper. Your clients can download your materials onto their hard drives, then use the drives to save their own important documents, financial or otherwise.

If you need help brainstorming ideas for giveaways or would like to order any of the above items, call your marketing manager today! Our compliance team is also available to assist with any questions regarding gifting limits in your state.


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