5 Client Appreciation Event Ideas for Financial Advisors

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Spring is the perfect time to host a new client appreciation event. Things are warming up, the weather is nice, and clients are anxious to get out in the sun! But what to do? How can you play the host with the most and open up the new season?

Well, here are five ideas to help you get your event off the ground and celebrate spring.

client appreciation event for financial advisors pickleball and tennis

Client Sports Event

Now that it’s warm enough to exist outside, your clients are eager to stretch out their limbs and bask under the sun. What better way to get them outside than hosting a group sport?

Impact has designed many invitations for local pickleball and tennis tournaments, all of which saw dedicated attendance and impassioned participation. However, there’s no need to limit yourself to net sports — any competition can energize an active client. They’re a great way to stage a client appreciation event in a friendly, engaging environment.

Client appreciation event museum

A Day (or Evening) of Culture

Spring is a marvelous opportunity to get back out into the world and get in touch with your city’s local culture. Make a day to travel to your city’s cultural touchstones, like a museum, natural walkway or botanical garden. Odds are they’re getting back in stride after three months of dim cold and want to bring their strength back up. Plus, colorful artworks and cultivated gardens are famously pretty, and quite pleasant to stroll through.

Further still, organize a client appreciation soiree at your museum or botanical garden — they’ll have a beautiful venue for you and your clients to mingle among treasures of the past or flowers in bloom.

Client appreciation event ideas for financial advisors baseball training event

Baseball Games

For many, spring is not just the time when the trees turn green. It’s when baseball comes back. You can’t deny the appeal of a beautiful afternoon watching your team work their way into the season. A client appreciation event here would be an excellent opportunity for your clients to unwind. Enjoy the festivities! Catch a foul ball! Buy some novelty gear! Get a beer the size of a baseball bat!

You could even time your visit with a team’s special promotion: Austin’s Round Rock Express minor league team occasionally becomes the Round Rock Chupacabras hosts various entertainment groups, food options, merchandise, and vendors to celebrate their local Latino culture. Check your local area to see what your team has in store.

Financial advisor shred event

Spring Cleaning Shred Event

With spring comes the need for Spring Cleaning, rustling together all the loose papers and debris of hibernation and getting them out the door. Out with the old, in with the new!

Hire a shredding truck or company to come out to your business, while inviting clients to get rid of all their old papers. (This can especially come in handy during tax season, with people discovering ancient documents collecting dust.) You’d be surprised how much papers your clients can bring — and how grateful they’d be to have someone take care of them!

Client outdoor dining

Fancy Patio Dining

The dinner seminar is a classic tool for financial professionals. As a client appreciation event, it’s hard to get much classier than a perfectly cooked steak in a vintage restaurant. Why not take it outside to a crisp spring evening? This time of year is optimal for dining out at the Golden Hour. Your client will get to enjoy a great dinner at a beautiful time of year while you’ll get the satisfaction of making the difference for your clients.

Of course, these are just a few ideas. You know your clients better than anyone — get a read on them and see where they might want to spend their first spring days.


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