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Facebook is the place for social media marketing

Digital Marketing | June 30, 2017

Baby boomers are active on social and we’ve got the numbers to prove it!

AdWeek recently published an article outlining how social media can be used to reach senior citizens.

With Nielsen reporting that the 50+ demo is spending more and more time time on social outlets, now is the time to take your practice digital — starting with Facebook.

The article cites that you aren’t going to find baby boomers on Snapchat or Instagram anytime soon, but they are joining Facebook in droves in order to keep up with their families.

Jump on the Facebook bandwagon and reach people that might not be exposed to your traditional marketing.

Your Impact Marketing Manager is a great resource if you are looking to learn more about how Facebook advertising can work for your practice.

Outside of buying ad space on Facebook, look to your local community for pertinent influencers, who senior citizens and baby boomers look up to.

“Social influencers who are peers of your target demographic or people who produce content designed to engage them can tell personal and unique stories that highlight key messages around your product. This creates relevancy and builds awareness with seniors 65-plus. Working with influencers who have first-hand knowledge of your subject matter and who are used to communicating with this older demographic will give you an authentic voice and more organic, meaningful content.”

Once your content is deemed sharable and creditable, you’ll be one step closer to turning a prospect into a client.

To read the actual AdWeek article, click here.

Call us and we’ll help you plan a social strategy that works for your market.

Written on June 30, 2017 by:

Lauren Souther

Lauren Souther Lauren Souther is a Copywriter at the Impact Partnership. She manages all of Impact’s social media accounts, public relations efforts, and building the Impact brand. She graduated with her master’s from UGA and enjoys going to barre classes and shows in Atlanta.

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