Love is In the Air: Planning a Fun & Effective Valentine’s Day CAE

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Posted on January 4, 2018

The new year is here! At this point, you’ve (hopefully) already built your calendar for the upcoming year, including planning your events for Q1. Now it’s time to execute those plans.

Using the holidays as an excuse to gather with your clients and build referrals is a great idea — but why stop at Christmas and Fourth of July? Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to get in front of your clients and show them some love in a more casual setting.

Here are some common objections we hear to Valentine’s Day events:

  • We’re too busy with end-of-year events to plan Q1 events.
  • Valentine’s Day is for couples.
  • People won’t be interested in spending Valentine’s Day with their financial advisor.

To which I would respond:

  • No matter what you’re planning, you MUST plan ahead – especially Q1 to capitalize on your marketing budget and keep your momentum from the previous year.
  • True, but it’s a great reason to encourage a couple to bring friends and meet with both clients at once.
  • Don’t plan the event on Valentine’s Day, just close to it.

This event doesn’t have to be filled with red balloons and hearts – the purpose is to have a reason to show appreciation to your clients and get to know their friends. By inviting your clients to spend time with you in a fun and informal setting, you’re giving them an extra, informal opportunity to ask you questions and make appointments.

You could even make the event high-end by:

  • Holding it at a venue people would love to visit, like Lambeau Field or the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Making it a night to remember with some amazing music from a DJ or live band.
  • Giving your clients something to take home like a branded wine kit.
  • Work with a professional to create invitations that to set you apart and catch your clients’ eye.

You won’t have to beg your clients to attend an event like this. I guarantee your clients will want to attend next year’s event, if done correctly.

When you go all-out for your clients, they’ll do likewise for you.

Unfortunately, an extravagant event isn’t always feasible. If your budget or schedule doesn’t allow for this, still continue the communication and appreciation to your clients through a few different ideas:

  • Send the client a branded gift or have them drop into the office to pick it up.
  • Send an email blast acknowledging your clients on the holiday.
  • Hold a nice event at your office. This has the bonus effect of getting your clients more comfortable with the space.

The ideas are endless, but execution is key.


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