Marketing Summit: Broadening Your Reach and Your Practice

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Impact hosted our annual Marketing Summit, a space for financial advisors and their marketing teams to learn about our practices. We host events like this because we know training events are crucial for our advisors’ growth and success. The latest installment was no exception. Here’s a recap of all the topics you may have missed this time around, all from marketing experts with the track records to back up their practices.

Targeting the Right Audience

Of course, before marketing to the right audience, you have to find the right audience. Our team talked about the most important elements to incorporate into your marketing — don’t discount mailing lists! — and how to take control of all the data available to you. With multiple demographics in mind, and several sub-demographics which could influence your targeting, it’s vital that financial advisors get creative with their events and work to broaden their “audience funnel.”

Converting Registrations to Attendees

You’ve done the research and found your most promising markets. How do you get them from on-paper statistics to in-person prospects?

Impact’s own Conversion Coach spoke at length about their conversion process, focusing on best practices pre- and post-conversion, templates and scripts for engaging with potential clients, what a good follow-up looks like, and the resources Impact provides to help financial advisors close the deal. The key factor is consistent engagement: making sure you touch base with potential clients to keep an accurate read on where they stand.

Executing Flawless Events

Every event is a showcase of your skills and proficiency, the arena in which you really get to flex your muscles as a performer and as a financial professional. Still, you need to make sure everything is in place to set you and your staff up for success. Is there a clearly defined agenda for the event? Has the venue been vetted and secured? Is check-in a simple process for those invited? How are the volume levels for the in-room audio?

Our team talked about these concerns and more going into an event, as well as the smaller, granular details between off- and on-stage, like taking photos for social media and making note of particular personal information you can bring up with clients during the first meeting. Remember: the goal of an event is to make attendees feel thought of and comfortable.

Referral Events

You’ve got your client base. You’ve treated them well and address their needs carefully, thoughtfully, and comprehensively. Maybe they have someone in their lives who could use the same treatment? A referral event is a great opportunity to both show your current clients that you’re attentive to their personal needs and to easily introduce yourself to a wide pool of potential clients.

(For more tips on building a referral community, check out our House Rules guide.)

Best Practices for Online and Video

Your online presence is tantamount to your first impression — naturally you want to make it good! Our Marketing Summit team talked about the best practices to follow online, in your video clips and appearances, and how to best approach using artificial intelligence in your business.


Online covers a wide range of categories — your website, your accessible media presence, your online advertising campaigns, even your social media! Since it’s such a broad category, it’s vital that you tend to all the contributing factors. Our team discussed the importance of your website — how it looks, how it works, why it should do one thing over another, and how Impact approaches these aspects and more when creating yours. Newer web tools like QR codes, SEO optimization, Calendly and other scheduling software, and Google Business Profiles can take your practice’s website to the next level.


If you haven’t already made video a part of your approach to marketing, then perhaps our team is the one to get you on board. Impact’s video squad talked about the quality control necessary to make sure your videos are top-notch. For example: too many financial advisors talk straight down the barrel of their phone’s camera, turned the wrong way and mostly capturing the overhead lights. When filming a video, make sure you have the right angles, that your backgrounds aren’t too dark nor too bright nor cluttered, and that your audio is working just fine.

Artificial Intelligence

Our team stays on the forefront of new developments in the business and marketing industry; one development we’ve all heard of lately is artificial intelligence. They discussed which AI software currently leads the market, how to use it as a supplement to your business, and what prompts to keep in mind when using AI as a tool.

(You can also check out our blog post for more tips and advice on using artificial intelligence in your practice.)

Maximizing Your Media Presence

Kicking off the second day of Marketing Summit talks, our team delved into the subtler details of expanding your reach in the media sphere. You know you’re not the only advisor getting their name out there, and you’re far from the only one hosting events. But there is only one of you — how can you make that obvious? What are the best ways to stand out from the crowd? How do you create those WOW moments and set your practice apart from the pack?

It’s all about collecting and showcasing your in-house assets — photos, logos, videos, the works. Don’t be afraid to brag! Use weekly newsletters and in-office video clips to show off your practice. Post photos from your latest customer appreciation events on your social media. It’s all about getting you out there!

Effective Tracking

Tracking your data means you’re tracking what actually works for your practice — and, more importantly, what isn’t. Our team laid out the most important stats to track when you’re first getting started:

  • Stick rate: the number of people who set and keep appointments.
  • Average case size: the average case size per household or buying unit.
  • Close rate: the number of new clients divided by the number of first appointments kept.
  • Percent of production: the percent of new business that comes from each individual marketing funnel.
  • Allocations: the percent of business from life insurance, annuities, managed money (AUM), and other business avenues (Medicare, accounting, wills/trusts, etc.).

Making the Most of Your CRM

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, serves as a facilitator between you and your clients. With one in place, you and your practice can improve internal communication, get a better understanding of analysis and reporting, automate everyday tasks, and improve customer satisfaction. It’s a simple way to get eyes on the data your business needs to thrive!

Final Thoughts

Events like Marketing Summit help our advisors stay on top of the latest marketing trends and tools. If you’re interested in attending a future Marketing Summit, get in touch and start marketing right!


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