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Introducing Practice Performance, Impact’s Latest Innovation in Lead Tracking

Posted on October 10, 2016

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Everyone loves getting new leads, but how do we know where most of our time, effort, and — most importantly — MONEY are going?

In this industry, we often hear that “past performance does not guarantee future results.” While that can be true of a product, it’s sometimes untrue when it comes to marketing efforts.

One thing that’s important when evaluating your strongest and weakest marketing streams is to consider what’s worked in the past: Where is most of my money and time going? What do I most enjoy putting my time into? Where are the majority of my leads coming from?

If you haven’t already heard, we’re happy to announce that Impact released a fully comprehensive document that translates all of your marketing data into a visible guide that shows your year-to-date results. We call it Practice Performance, and not only can you track your entire spending all the way to the cost per client, but you can also be proactive about your marketing calendar and evaluate your results as you go.

Here are some Practice Performance highlights we’re most excited about:

  • It easily calculates your estimated marketing spend for the year based on your Annuity/Life/AUM goals for the same year. This data is taken from the average commission amount for each channel of business.
  • You can simply plug in all of your seminars, client events, radio and TV segments (if applicable), and any other initiatives you may promote throughout the year, including articles, social media, and advertisements.
  • All of your initiatives automatically populate into an easy-to-read calendar! This will help you and your marketing manager plan all events ahead of time.
  • Results from each initiative will populate a chart based on numeric evaluations, showing you where most of your responses are coming from!
  • We even have a snapshot version for a quick view of your results.

The goals of this tracking tool are two-part: proactive and reactive.

Your marketing manager can create a fully comprehensive plan based on everything they know about you and your practice, including:

  • What you like to do for marketing
  • What’s worked and what hasn’t
  • What your goals (personal and monetary) are
  • What your marketing budget is
  • Who your ideal client is
  • What it’s like to be your client
  • What you want your presence in the community to be

All of this will be considered when creating your fully customized plan.

Then, when evaluating next year’s goals, you and your marketing manager can look back on the previous year’s results and continue to capitalize on what has worked well for your marketing and change or eliminate what hasn’t.

So many variables will now be quantified and trackable, such as time of year, call to action, topic, event type, etc.

This is just another way that we want to partner with you and help you grow your practice. Your success is our success. Call your marketing manager to find out how to implement this into your practice.

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