7 Video Secrets to Put Your Practice in Motion

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Posted on August 25, 2016

Did you know that by 2019, 80% of digital content will be video? Video is a great way to grow your practice, and even a short clip can put you in front of a much larger audience. Many are uncertain how to make a video successful — especially with 7 million competitors vying for viewers — but with the Impact Partnership, we’ll help you take your practice from static to dynamic with these 7 tips:

1. Have a Plan.

You can’t decide to film a video without first coming up with a plan or a story you want to tell. This story should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Today’s instant-gratification culture results in 55% of viewers leaving the page within the first fifteen seconds. This lack of patience equals the need for a defined plan that clearly communicates your goals from the beginning.

2. Work With a Team that Understands What You Do.

When your clients enter your office, they trust that you’re the most knowledgeable person to handle their assets. So why would you work with a video crew that is clueless about your business? Once you’ve decided to film, choose a team familiar with what your business offers and what you do. A knowledgeable crew can eliminate wasted time and enhance the production value of the video.

3. Capture Your Commitment to Your Clients.

Anyone can make a video and post it online. To stand out, you’ll need to illustrate how you are unique and what sets you apart in the market. Discover a way that tells the client you are dedicated to them. Your video should both connect with the viewer and demonstrate your commitment to the client.

4. Be Personal.

Authenticity is central to a successful video. The best videos demonstrate some kind of personal connection to the client, the business, and the community. Utilize aspects of your life that are important to you, for instance, piloting, sailing, family dinners, or walking your dog. Be yourself, and people will respond positively to you and your business.

5. Use the Right Equipment.

Production quality influences if people will stick around for the entire video. Potential clients know the difference between low-quality and high-quality productions. A high-quality video is more likely to draw in and keep viewers — and it adds an air of professionalism and quality to your business.

6. Make it Move.

Motion graphics are one of the keys to a successful internet video. When presented with telling a story about the world’s population, National Geographic created 2–3 motion graphic stories. The videos generated 500,000 views in the first five days and 1 million in the first week. Their success led to a feature on the nightly news.

7. Educate, Don’t Sell.

Your videos need to educate clients about you and your services. A lot of those viewers lose interest because the video holds no value for them. Explain how you can help them, not why. Successful videos teach people something new using helpful tips, informative facts, and innovative ways to improve their lives.

By taking the time to map out your video goals and understanding how to effectively market to the online video market, your short, one-minute video can be worth 1.8 million views. Interested? Call us at 800-380-5040 today, and start your practice’s career in film.


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