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Posted on July 25, 2016

It’s the beginning of a brand new week, and the office is still buzzing from our incredible event: Become a Financial Celebrity. During the event, Greg and Kristin Taylor opened up the proverbial doors of their practice to showcase how they grew from $14MM to $40MM in just three short years using their financial celebrity status. If you weren’t one of the advisors selected to attend, here’s a brief recap of what you missed:

Media Presence

BFC2Having a strong radio and TV presence to position yourself as THE leading expert in a your marketplace is key. Through the Taylor’s radio show and their two separate weekly TV appearances, they’ve gained more leads than ever, increased their lead conversion rate, and acquired higher net worth clients.

Brand Foundation

Being media-ready before you reach for celebrity status helps you manage the climb. It takes a strong brand, a well-rounded staff, and a well-thought-out process to manage all of the leads and appointments the Taylors handle each day. Both went into detail about the evolution of their practice’s logo and overall branding. They reminded attendees how critical it is to make sure your brand is strong in the community and represents a thriving practice.

In the Office

Having a strong support staff is vital to handling the flow of leads and appointments. This frees up the Taylors to spend less time managing their calendars and more time at the meeting table. Each of their three employees has a specific role in the company.  They each interact with clients and prospects daily to handle a variety of needs.

Converting Leads

Converting leads to appointments isn’t always easy, but it should be the final goal for any marketing effort. Greg and Kristin have no doubt their phones will ring after their radio show or their TV appearances, but it’s the conversion rate they have to keep a close eye on. They use a series of conversation tactics and drip campaigns to keep their brand in front of prospects and to stay top-of-mind.

The Appointment Process

Prospecting is half the battle, and having a comprehensive appointment process is critical to a strong ROI (return on investment). Greg and Kristin use a three-appointment process to fact find, present, and implement a plan:

  • First appointment – They gather information and let the prospect get to know them before deciding to retain their services.
  • Second appointment – They present the plan based on the conversations of the first appointment and let the prospect take it home with them to review.
  • Third (and final) appointment – They begin implementation, and their staff provides weekly status reports to the prospect.

We would like to thank Greg and Kristin Taylor for opening up their practice, giving us behind-the-scenes access, and sharing their story during our Become a Financial Celebrity event. Stay tuned for information on how to attend upcoming events hosted here, at The Impact Partnership, or at notable venues throughout the U.S.

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