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Trying to find a once-in-a-time life event that won’t break the bank and will be fun for all ages? You’re in luck. On August 21, a total solar eclipse will sweep across the continental United States from Oregon to Georgia. Solar eclipses are exciting events that capture the imaginations of us all. You can host a unique event in our solar system by holding your own eclipse party!

Consider the following when planning your eclipse party:

When is the eclipse? Monday, August 21, 2017
Where can it be seen? Everywhere! There will be 14 states that the thin path of totality will pass. Other states will see a partial eclipse. Below is a chart of start times and cities in the path of totality.

Source: NASA

NASA has a great interactive map with the exact coordinates and the best eclipse viewing times. You can also download this PDF.

Choose your venue. Many eclipse enthusiasts host parties at local community centers, museums, observatories, parks, or in open fields.

It’s always a good idea to choose a place that has access to shade and facilities. You may also want to check weather-related websites for forecasts in your area. If the clouds move in, don’t worry! You can always connect to NASA’s livestreaming event.

Invite a local expert to speak. Take your event to the next level and have a speaker make a short presentation about what to expect prior to the eclipse, then answer questions after. To find a subject-matter expert, check out NASA’s site for an official expert in your area.

  • If you’d like to invite a space scientist or amateur astronomers, contact your local university’s space science department.
  • If you’d like to invite an educator or teacher to speak at your event, contact a local school or educational academy.

Serve a smile or two. Since your event will take place during or around lunch hours, consider serving light, astronomy-themed snacks or appetizers like moon pies and ice cream “SUN”daes.

Let the music play. No event is complete without some fun tunes. Here’s a list of eclipse-themed hits to get you started:

  • Walkin’ on the Sun, Smash Mouth
  • Blister in the Sun, Violent Femmes
  • Steal My Sunshine, Len
  • Moon Shadow, Cat Stevens
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler
  • Eclipse, Pink Floyd
  • Ain’t No Sunshine, Bill Withers
  • Moon Dance, Van Morrison

My eyes! My eyes! While it’s safe to look directly at the sun during the totality, you’re going to want to have special eclipse glasses for viewing any partial eclipses.

Contact your Impact Marketing Manager to find out how to get branded eyewear for a minimal cost. You can also get a branded, printed list showing your guests when to wear their eyewear and when they can safely look at the eclipse.

Promote your eclipse party!

Send custom invitations. Like most marketing initiatives, Impact will help design a customized invitation for your event. We suggest always sending the invitations out a month prior to the event to ensure a good number of RSVPs.

Make it NASA official. Consider signing up to be an official NASA Viewing Location as well! It’s a great way to advertise to new eclipse enthusiasts and get your viewing party on the map.

Post to social media. Don’t forget to post about your event on your Facebook page and other social media accounts. Tell everyone about the upcoming eclipse, and use #Eclipse2017 to make your event searchable.

Hand out branded brochures or guides. Inform your group with a quick educational guide. Your Impact Marketing Manager can provide you with a branded brochure that helps identify things that may be seen during the totality, such as bright stars, planets, and key features of the sun’s corona (its outer atmosphere).

For more information, visit NASA’s eclipse site for a wealth of great resources and fun downloads.

Remember, this is a fun, no-obligation event. Keep it simple, causal, and educational. Give your Impact Marketing Manager a call to get started. Like the sun during the eclipse, we’ve got you covered!

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