How to Use the 2020 Election in Your Marketing

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2020 is an election year like no other. We are less than 3 months away from one of the biggest days in our history, and with that creates opportunity for you.

No matter the circumstances of the year, each election brings new questions and concerns from your demographic. “Will taxes go up?”, “What will health care look like?” and “What does this mean for me and my retirement?” 

In such uncertainty, being the educational resource in your community is a great way to show prospects and current clients that you’re the go-to financial professional. And, with such a tantalizing topic, it’s a no-brainer for opening the door to pertinent retirement discussions about taxes, Social Security and health care.  

So how should you be using the 2020 election in your marketing plan? The possibilities are endless, but we have come up with just a few ways you can get started.

Election Seminars

Yes, seminars are making a comeback in our post-pandemic world – people are attending them to have their concerns addressed and questions answered. Hosting a seminar is the most direct way to get in front of your desired demographic. Your best approach is a direct mail piece since direct mail is being used less right now – so you have much less competition in mailboxes across the country.

Database Webinars

For those in areas that are still not open for in-person events – host a webinar for your clients and previously contacted prospects. This is a great way to stay engaged with your clients while some are socially distanced – not to mention, a perfect opportunity to drive referrals. If you have a database of old leads, send an email invite to reengage and educate them during this time.

Remember, webinars should be shorter than your normal seminar presentation. Reduce your content to roughly 20 minutes and allow an extra 10 minutes at the end for a Q&A session with your audience.

Media Call-To-Actions

If you’re using radio and/or television to market your practice, the election is a great topic to cover as you educate viewers and listeners on how their retirement may be affected by the current or new administration.  Entice them to call you for a complimentary election-focused report. For our Impact Partners, we’ve created a report, “Your Finances in an Election Year.”

Digital Content

Valuable and relevant content is important for building your digital footprint and increasing traffic to your website and social media sites. Utilize election-focused content to create blog posts, social media posts, videos and drive people to your sites who are searching for these answers right now.

Videos help you stand out on social media sites and provide an instant connection to the viewer. Don’t be shy – find a good background, test your audio and hit record!  Always encourage your audience to share your content with their friends and family – this gives you more opportunities and potential referrals.

Elections only come around every 4 years, so take advantage of this opportunity to answer your demographic’s most pressing questions on how these changes could affect their retirement. This focus will help you stay relevant and become the go-to resource for answers.

-Alex House, Chief Marketing Officer


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