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7 Tips for Lead Conversion

Posted on December 23, 2020

As a financial professional, you have done everything right. You have hosted seminars and webinars, filmed tv spots, recorded radio shows, sent out email campaigns, and scheduled social media posts. Now, you are overwhelmed with leads! It’s not a bad problem to have, but where do you even begin?

Know Your Target Market

This is the time that you need to analyze who qualifies as an ideal client or who is in your client base. Once you have established the ideal client, choose to engage with the leads that match that criteria first. Then, move to the leads that are have similar qualifications.

First Three Seconds

The first impression with your client will set the tone for the rest of your relationship with them. The first three seconds are crucial in showcasing to your client what they will receive by working with you, compared to a different financial professional. This is a good time to reflect on how you can set the bar in the first three seconds of interacting with your lead.

Keep Your Promises

During some seminars or webinars, financial advisors will offer an incentive for calling after the presentation. Be sure you deliver on that promise in a timely manner and in the same fashion that you initiated the promise. The prospect kept their end of the deal, so keep your word. Do not leave any room for doubt. By keeping your promise, it will show prospects that you are trustworthy and have integrity.

Discover and Build Trust

Being a financial professional means prospects are putting a lot of trust and faith into your professional guidance. As you begin forming a relationship with your prospect, try to learn more about them. If you can build trust and a relationship with your prospect, they will be more likely to work with you and even recommend you to friends and family.

Show Concern to Create Desire

Prospects looking for a financial professional might have concerns about their money or their financial future. Because you have been building a relationship and trust with your prospect, you have heard their concerns. This is the time to create an urgency to help, whether it is from a team member or yourself. Let them know you are the help they have been looking for.

Overcome Objections

This lead has attended a seminar or picked up the phone to call you. If they have gotten this far and begin to back out, remind them that if they were satisfied with what they were doing, financially, then they would not have called a financial professional. If a prospect has contacted you, then reinforce the need for your guidance, especially if you have the right answer to their concerns.

Set the Appointment

After solidifying that you are the professional for their finances, it is time to set an appointment. However, only provide a few appointment options. If you give your client the ability to choose, it might make it easier for them to cancel their appointment later. If you provide only a few options, it’ll give exclusivity to your time. It’s always good idea to show that you are in high demand and that your time is valuable.


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