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Posted on December 12, 2016

Early this summer, the Impact Partnership announced an exciting new partnership with Firelight. Since that announcement, the operations team has spent countless hours inside the Firelight system to advance its knowledge base. Why? Because it allows them the opportunity to better serve you, our advisors.

What’s New?

  • Impact E-App is intuitive. Think about the first iPhone you had — didn’t it seem to work in a way that made sense? Well, E-App is the same way. We believe that with just a few repeat uses, you’ll feel great about how it works and be able to implement the service into your daily practice very quickly.
  • Firelight partnered with a company that feeds comprehensive surrender and withdrawal information into its database every day. The partnership ensures that the processing information is correct for client transfers and the replacements you initiate using the software.
  • Impact E-App now offers nine carriers for immediate use and has four scheduled to come on board between now and Q1 of 2017!

The current available carriers are:

  • American Equity
  • Athene (AIL and Annexus)
  • Forethought
  • Great American
  • Lincoln
  • Nationwide
  • North American
  • Phoenix
  • VOYA

Of course, there are more great features to Impact E-App, and we firmly believe that when you adopt this as part of your practice, you will agree. As we continue to enrich our knowledge of the system, be on the lookout for additional posts and training materials to make the transition to Impact E-app an easy on.

Contact your Impact team member for more information at 1-800-380-5040.


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