4 Benefits to Email Marketing

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Posted on December 8, 2016

Developing a marketing plan and choosing what fits within your marketing budget can be difficult.

The ultimate goal is to attract prospects as well as keep your current clients happy and coming back. Your time can be limited, and sometimes physical resources aren’t going to deliver the results you expect — what else is there?

Email marketing is a cost-efficient source that allows you to reach clients in their inboxes. Inboxes are checked every day — multiple times a day — by almost everyone. The use of email marketing can be a sure way to reach more people, entice them to make that initial call, and get them through the door.

Email marketing works for many reasons, but there are 4 big ones to keep in mind.

1. Credibility

Having different sources of credibility can influence people to decide to do business with you, and it builds trust. When you implement a communication strategy that fits your audience’s needs, you’re sharing helpful and informative content. With the right strategy, more people will pay attention to what you have to say, and you’ll get more feedback. It gives you the opportunity to keep the reader’s attention without overwhelming them with unwanted information.

2. Building relationships

After credibility is established, you’ll want to continue to build strong client relationships. Regular email marketing can be an effective tool to help communicate with the people who keep your business going — and those new clients who will keep it growing. Email gives you the ability to stay familiar and keep prospects and clients engaged with your business year round. Emailing can also be done with a personal touch. Other marketing tools can often limit your ability to customize a message for the different people you are trying to communicate with. Email marketing gives you the ability to categorize lists and connect with people based on interest, needs, location, and more. This will make the prospect or client feel like they are important to you.

3. Brand recognition

Branding is a combination of things: the creation of your business name, a symbol or design that identifies your business, and a logo. Your brand distinguishes which materials are yours and is essentially a foundation of your business. With email marketing, you can strengthen brand recognition with prospects and clients by being consistent. When building the template, use the same color scheme, logo placement, and look and feel in all the emails you send. The more you send out, the more your name and brand will be seen and recognized.

4. Website traffic

When email marketing begins, you’ll notice an increase in traffic to your website. You should advertise your website within the template so prospects and clients have easy access to find out more about you and what your business is about.

Email marketing is one simple way to help boost engagement with your client base. For more help with implementing email marketing in your practice, contact an Impact team member today!


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