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Posted on November 7, 2016





When you hear these words, an image immediately comes to mind. Why? Because these companies all have something in common: they spend millions (or even billions!) of dollars on their brand and putting it in front of you. Another thing that these brands have in common is consistency; you can recognize advertising from these companies without even seeing a logo. Coca-Cola has their bold red and white layouts, distinctive bottle shape, and smiling faces. Apple’s been using a simple white or black background and a colorful, heroic shot of their product for decades. T-Mobile splashes everything with so much magenta that their parent company, Deutsche Telekom, actually owns the trademark for the color![1] Consistency is crucial to the success of a brand — it’s what makes your ­­company recognizable and easier to remember over your competitors.

Why is consistency important?
Your brand is your identity. You have a personal brand and a professional brand, both should be polished, professional, and consistent. You want to set yourself apart from the competition, especially in a crowded marketplace.

Reinforce your professional identity with a consistent brand.
When your audience hears and sees your message, they will come to know what to expect from your brand, leading to both trust and a better relationship between brand and consumer.[2]

If you have inconsistent branding, consumers may find it difficult to distinguish you from a competitor.
Don’t forget that you have multiple channels of marketing, and your messaging and branding should remain the same across each platform: print, web, social, etc.

Want to ensure your brand remains consistent? Request a style guide from your Impact Marketing Manager. A style guide is the DNA of your brand. It includes the specific colors that make up your branding, the primary logo, secondary logo layouts, an icon (if applicable), and the fonts used. And don’t forget that the team at Impact can create the branding for your social media pages, too. You don’t have to navigate that minefield on your own.

Does your consistency need to be evaluated?
Talk to your clients, employees, and friends and request feedback about your current brand. If you have a Client Advisory Board, ask them for feedback, too. They are loyal to you and want your business to grow; they won’t lead you down a path that you shouldn’t be wandering down. Remember to keep an open mind about the feedback you’re requesting.

For more information about brand consistency, talk to your Impact team member. We are happy to help review your brand, sort through the feedback, and make adjustments to your brand as needed*.



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