Maximizing Third-Party Credibility

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Leveraging Third-Party Credibility to Entice and Engage Clients

A key way to engage and entice prospective and current clients is to leverage third-party credibility. Third parties can help show clients that you’re an advisor they can trust with their hard-earned assets.

Have you written an article that has been posted on Fortune, Money, CNN Money, or Annuity123? Let people know!

These widely-known and respected industry sources have already established credibility in the financial and retirement world. When they post material, people read it based on their proven reputation, and with your article, you have that same credibility right at your fingertips!

Check out the tips below to learn how to maximize this credibility with prospects and clients.

There’s nothing quite like a hard copy print. In fact, according to a study by Scientific American, reading comprehension is higher for print versus digital copies.1

Hand out reprints of your featured article during appointments or add them in branded seminar pocket folders to give prospective and current clients a picture of your knowledge and reliability in the industry.

If you’re currently working with Impact, we’ll send you reprints of your article after it’s posted to be handed out at events or appointments.

Your website is a great place to showcase what sets you apart from your competition. Including a link to your third-party article on your site helps to establish added credibility with site visitors.

For advisors currently working with Impact, we can include a link to your article(s) on your site, as well as adding a “Appeared On” section to your homepage with some of your third-party logos.



If you already have a regular newsletter that is sent out to your clients, this is a perfect way to reinforce that you’re an expert in your industry.

Sending out a link to your freshly-pressed article helps to show current clients that you are the advisor they want to continue to write their business with.

Maximize your media presence by showcasing your third-party credibility on social media and on the radio.

If you have a Facebook page, post a link to your article with a brief, punchy sentence that would entice your followers to read further.

For radio shows, mention your featured article, give a brief summary, and clearly define where listeners can go to read more (i.e. your website).

Include an “Appeared On” section on a standup banner for seminars, client appreciation events, and company events. This simple addition can add visual credibility to seminar materials.

Your articles are a big deal! Showcase them in your office with a frame. Place a copy of it in an acrylic stand in your lobby or place a framed copy on the wall across from the waiting area.

The goal here is to add credibility with prospective clients who are in for their first appointment, so place it in a heavy traffic area where visitors will see it.

Do you have appointments set up with prospective clients? Send them a “Before Our Appointment” kit with a checklist of statements they need to bring to the appointment, paperwork for them to fill out, and a copy of your article.

This article can help show prospects that they’re entrusting their assets with the right person.


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