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Is Your Practice Aboard the Tech Train?

Posted on September 7, 2017

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The Tech Train is one that will not stop or slow down. It’s something that continues to build up steam, yet so many have refused to accept its arrival.

Even as a millennial, I have been reluctant to respect the ever-changing landscape of our society. My childhood was filled with friends building forts at the local creek, creating makeshift ramps for our bikes, and racing down the biggest hill we could find on rollerblades.

Long gone are those days as the incoming generations interact with an electronic screen at the same age they begin to count. No longer will future generations have to physically grind to achieve results technology has allowed us a shortcut to.

But, who’s to say this is such a bad thing?

Even with the promises of creating opportunities for America’s large blue-collar class by the new president, our society remains enamored elsewhere. Technology has become the forefront of any successful business. Five of the top six highest U.S. market caps are technology driven. Without dedication toward the constant improvement of technology, they would not successfully transition to future generations.

These businesses have shaped our world arguably for the better. They have revolutionized how we obtain resources, conduct our daily routines, and even communicate with people.

Recognizing this early, Impact took a step into the dark when others in our industry were hesitant. They recognized the technological opportunity in front of them and pursued this opportunity relentlessly with such software as the Firelight e-App.

Impact has gathered significant traction with this new platform. It has not only revolutionized our processing abilities but has also drastically assisted our advisors’ practices.

The Firelight e-App offers the ability to take advantage of numerous convenience factors tailored to advisors’ needs. No longer will you fret about having the most up-to-date forms or doubt the completion of an application as the Firelight platform has this covered.

Unique features, such as the ability to have an out-of-town client remotely sign an application, have drastically improved the convenience and the pace of submitting new business for advisors. As this platform inevitably grows, new opportunities will be conceived.

The e-application culture is growing and building steam, exactly like the aforementioned “Tech Train.” It is not an opportunity to dodge, but an opportunity to advance and cultivate a practice to be primed for the future retirement landscape.

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