The Final Countdown: Last-Minute Checklist for Event Success

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Posted on July 18, 2016

When hosting an event, big or small, it’s important to remember the tiny details. Between keeping up with day-to-day responsibilities and trying to attract attendees, you may overlook the finer points that can help boost your event to greater success.

Here are 10 last-minute items to remember when planning your next event:

Presentation Materials

If you’re giving a visual presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.), ensure that you have ALL materials ready to go — and a backup if technology fails. Here are a few items you may need:

  • Computer and charger
  • Presentation saved on a jump drive as a backup
  • Handouts/notecards with an outline of your presentation
  • Access to Wi-Fi, if needed

Demonstration Props

Sometimes it’s easier to explain how to prepare for retirement in a way people can visualize. This may mean using props or drawing on a whiteboard to expound upon complex principles.

Banners and Décor

Use materials that reinforce your brand, such as table covers, stand-up banners, and customized folders. This creates a more professional, unified atmosphere and helps leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Writing Materials

If you’re presenting educational content, you may want to provide attendees with handouts or materials for taking notes. If you don’t want to incur extra costs or create distractions, offer to email the presentation to attendees after the event.

Business Cards

You never know when you may meet a new client! Always have extra business cards on hand.

Name Tags

Name tags help guests get to know each other and allow you to talk to newcomers on a more personal level.

Sheet

You most likely already have an RSVP list with confirmed guests, but it may be harder to track attendance if you have a larger event or have encouraged guests to bring friends. Make sure they check in and provide contact information to use for post-event follow-up.


If you’re hosting an educational seminar that doesn’t include food, you may want to offer snacks or bottled water. This is just an added bonus to ensure that your guests feel welcomed and comfortable.


Giveaways are a great way to encourage conversation or show appreciation for attendance. To get guests talking, ask your audience a series of questions; those who answer correctly can receive a prize (refer to your current state statutes for any gift limitations). Turning educational content into a game will help break the ice and present the material in a way that’s fun and entertaining.

Thank You Emails/Cards

Always follow up with attendees, and let them know you appreciated their time.

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