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Legacy Planning with Your Clients

Posted on June 8, 2017

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With the summer approaching, the summer slowdown is a great time to spend more time with your families. If you’re carving out time to spend with your loved ones, chances are your clients are doing the same thing — why not take this opportunity to host a unique client appreciation event that includes a few generations of your clients’ families?

What does a multi-generational event do for your business?
Hosting an event with multiple generations puts you in front of potential clients — your clients’ children and grandchildren. More often than not, children are the listed beneficiaries on insurance policies. Wouldn’t it be nice for them to meet who they’re supposed to contact when the time comes to handle the affairs of their parents?

Another benefit to getting in front of your client’s family is the potential of uncovering new business. These new prospects likely have questions about their financial futures and may also have some accounts they’d like to review with you, or retirement plans from previous employers they need to do something with. If their parent’s trust you, chances are they will too. People like doing business with people they can trust.

Family Friendly Events
Not quite sure how to execute this type of event? Don’t worry, your Impact team is here for you! Below are a couple of fun and easy-to-execute events that are sure to be a hit with your clients and their families.

Picnic or Barbecue
Summertime always brings up the visual of checkered tablecloths, the smell of a grill, and lawn games. Why not host a picnic or barbecue for your clients at a local park? Provide the food and invite your clients to bring sides or desserts and their favorite lawn game. This is a great interactive event that will create memories for everyone. For an added touch, consider hiring a photographer come out and take candid and family photos of your clients as a memento from the day.

Movie Viewing
Want to help your clients beat the summer heat? Rent out an auditorium at your local movie theatre and host a private screening of a summer blockbuster. Impact will help design a unique invite for the event and can also design “tickets” to help you collect contact information for everyone in attendance. For tips on hosting a successful movie event, download your Guide to Movie Premieres here.

Contact your Impact marketing manager today to plan a fun, family-friendly event on your calendar!

Check your state gifting statutes to see what amount you can spend per client per year.

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