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Summer Seminars: They are successful!

Posted on June 1, 2017

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Summer’s right around the corner, and to make sure your practice doesn’t see the “dog days of summer,” let’s keep you busy with seminars! Before you schedule your summer seminars, your Impact team has determined some key dates to keep in mind while preparing for a successful seminar series.

Below are some dates to be aware of and historical data on seminar topics that pull well during the summer months. For a more detailed overview, don’t forget to download the Summer Seminar Guide at the end of the post.

Recommended dates to set you up for success:
July – Weeks of July 10, 17, and 24. Mail for the week of July 17 could hit the week of the Fourth of July. Consider doing your seminar July 20 and 25.

August – Weeks of August 7, 14, and 21. The week of August 28 is right before Labor Day, so a lot of people may be on vacation, leading to low RSVP numbers.

September – Weeks of September 11, 18, and 25. The week of September 4 is Labor Day, so consider doing a split week of September 7 and September 12 to account for vacationers coming back home in the middle of the week. The mail for the week of September 11 is also a week to look closely at due to mail hitting around the Labor Day travel period.

Monday, September 4: Labor Day – Avoid Thursday, August 31 and the week of September 4­–September 8 to account for those taking their final summer vacation.

*Keep an eye out for your back-to-school dates in your area.*

What mailers are successful during the summer months?
Our team pulled data from 2016 and found that Maximizing Social Security and Required Minimum Distributions pulled well last year. We did over 100 mailings last summer and our average RR was 0.5%.

Mail Dates to avoid:
August 23 – Targets seminars held the week of September 12 (will hit over Labor Day)

Convinced you should add a summer seminar to your marketing plan?
Set up a call with your Marketing Manager to learn the best ways to:

Set up your venue for the most effective layout (screens, table set up, name tags, etc.) and which materials to hand out (branded folder, bio/company services, credibility pieces, etc.).

PS – Once you book that first appointment, get your prospects to come in on those hot days by assuring them that your A/C is running and your office is nice and cool!

Download your Summer Seminar Guide here!

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