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Warning! Your Desk May Be Hurting Your Business

Posted on October 12, 2017

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Albert Einstein once said that “a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.” Whether you like it or not, your desk’s appearance is a reflection of how you run your practice. When a client comes into your office, do you want them to think that the appearance of a cluttered desk is any indication of how you run your practice or how you will handle their finances?

Absolutely not.

Stressing the importance of a Clean Desk Policy (CDP), which requires you and your employees to clear your workspaces whenever you leave your desks, will help you succeed not only with clients but in your everyday operations as well.

Let’s say your desk has piles of paperwork on it containing client files, bank statements, and other private documents that weren’t locked in a secure cabinet. If a client saw that, they probably wouldn’t feel very confident in handing over their personal documents.

Do you really want to lose a client because your desk is messy?

Another reason to keep a clean desk is to save time and money. Knowing exactly where important documents are can save you an average of 2.5 hours a day. Think about the monetary impact of those hours over a year.

Keeping your desk spick and span may seem like a daunting task, but there is hope. Follow these 5 easy steps to implement the Clean Desk Policy and improve your practice’s performance:

1. Keep notes in your CRM.
This prevents you from having sticky notes all over files or possibly losing your clients’ key information. Putting this information in a CRM allows you to access it from anywhere without losing it.

2. Be regulatory ready.
Having all your files in order allows you to be ready whenever the time comes for an audit. Being organized means you’ll be ready for a quick and efficient audit.

3. Go digital.
Having the ability to search your computer for a document is much easier than going through dozens of folders trying to find something. And with technology constantly improving, moving your documents to the Cloud will help you access those important documents when you’re on the road.

When going digital, make sure you use a trusted third-party provider that is compliant with the DOI and SEC and their guidelines on electronic storage.

4. Staff up.
Keeping your staff up to date on regulations and educational requirements will help you focus your time on your clients instead of what’s happening around your office.

5. Value your practice.
If you go to make a sale, how do you know which clients are still warm and going to keep paying? Keeping those records up to date will help you get top dollar when the time comes for you to sell.

If you have questions about the CDP or any other compliance matter, feel free to ask your Impact Compliance Team. We are always here for your and more than happy to assist.

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