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How to Host the Perfect Valentine's CAE

Posted on December 19, 2016

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The holidays are here, and people are hustling and bustling around. The last thing we want to do is think about events and holidays that are months away, right? Well, when it comes to your business, you’ll want to take a few minutes to think about the upcoming holiday calendar and consider hosting a client appreciation lunch on or around Valentine’s Day. This love-filled holiday can be a tough one for those that may not have someone special to spend it with. This is a great time to have an event for your female clients and their friends to show them how much you truly appreciate them.

How to execute a great event:

  • Find the perfect venue, like a tea house or fun brunch spot, to serve as a backdrop for this event. Not sure where to go? Check with your Client Advisory Board (CAB) members for ideas.
  • Come up with your guest list. Remember to keep this event manageable in size. Ideally 10–20 clients with one additional guest per client is a good crowd size.
  • Work with your Impact team to create an invitation for the event that can be mailed or emailed to your guest list. Remember to include bring-a-friend language so that your clients know they can bring a guest.
  • Mail invites out three weeks in advance.
  • Show your appreciation by giving a gift to each attendee.* This can range from a small box of chocolates or candy to a rose. This small token of appreciation will make each attendee feel extra special.
  • Make it festive. Decorate each table with a small flower arrangement, and sprinkle candy hearts or Hershey’s Kisses around each place setting.

Ready to plan your Valentine’s Day event? Call us today to get started!

*Be sure to check your current state statutes for limitations; the gift and seminar cost should not exceed your state’s limits (per client, per year).

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