Basics of SEO: 3 Easy Steps

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Recognition on the internet seems intangible, but search engine operation (SEO) can be another booster through the journey of digital marketing. It is enabling users to find you easier. It seems as simple as that, but as SEO and its algorithms have evolved, it has become a complex tool. With a few simple steps, we can cover a couple basics of SEO and how they can improve your recognition for prospects.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process of optimizing your digital presence and its content to populate on search engines, such as Google. It is hard to define SEO since it encompasses so many aspects of digital marketing and the algorithms used to generate results are always changing. However, the one aspect that never changes is the need for valuable and authentic content.

1. Content is King

Valuable and engaging content will help tremendously. As a financial professional, your followers are mostly other financial savvy individuals or prospects and clients. What can you provide that they want? Financial advice, credibility, community appreciation, honesty, and integrity.

There are various types of content, such as informational graphics, videos, images, and polls. Blogs are always a great way to utilize SEO too. In your content, present your financial knowledge, update your community, capture your office culture, or showcase strategies you are going to implement for your clients. Be sure that every post provides value, engagement, and a call-to-action.

2. Be Socially Present

Social media traffic is a large driver for SEO. Social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram should be used to make regular posts, especially providing a link back to your website. For example, share a link of your blog posts, new landing page, or your website’s appointment form. These links will increase the traffic on your business’ website and aid in your reach for potential leads.

On certain platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are great for SEO too. The use of #hashtags is another form of tagging or categorizing your post. When people search or click that hashtag, your post will be affiliated with it. Try to use hashtags that are popularly used or unique enough to set you apart from others.

Also, be sure to share posts. This will also heighten your SEO because you will be socially circulating, meaning that you might start trending among users. Trying to be as socially present as possible will gain you recognition. However, it will take time to build such a presence.

3. Utilize Google

You shouldn’t be surprised, but Google is frequently used to search for local financial professionals. Try to utilize all of Google’s features that help businesses, such as registering your business and its location. This will aid prospects and clients in finding your office via Google Maps, but it will also verify your legitimacy as a business and not spam. Now, customers have the capability to leave Google reviews about your business too, adding credibility.

Another useful SEO tool is Google Console. This is a free service by Google that will crawl your website and generate traffic reports. These traffic reports will show you what is working and what is not working. Since digital media is always evolving, you will need to listen, report, and refine your strategies.

SEO is difficult to master and it will take time to notice a difference but continue to implement these basic strategies and your recognition will grow, as well as your lead generation.


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