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Why an Internal Marketing Specialist Is a Must-Have

Posted on November 2, 2017

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Top advisors have four appointments a day, and top advisors have a marketing specialist on staff.

It’s simple math. The more time an advisor spends in front of clients, the more successful they are. If the average advisor without a marketing employee spends a fourth of their time on marketing — approximately 10 hours of a 40-hour week — they are missing out on seeing at least 5 one-hour appointments per week.

Bottom line: Hire and delegate your marketing.

Once you hire a marketing specialist, your business goes from spending 10 hours a week focused on marketing to 40 hours a week focused on marketing. 40 is better than 10. Successful marketing is a mix of careful planning, precise execution, and hundreds of details. All of that takes time.

An A+ marketing employee is better at marketing than the advisor. For some, it’s a very hard truth that, once realized, is very freeing for the advisor.

Hiring someone that has a degree, field experience, and time dedicated to knowing the leading-edge marketing programs is worth the investment. Facebook advertising, client relationship management programs, seminar coordination, and new, undiscovered technology are all under their expertise.

An A+ marketing employee allows the advisor to spend their money more effectively. Studying the analytics of marketing efforts and results is often overlooked.

How many advisors know their cost per lead acquisition across all lines of marketing? Cost per closed case? Can they compare the effectiveness of seminars, radio, TV, referral development, print advertising, and digital marketing and properly adjust the marketing budget? An A+ marketing expert can add that to your practice.

There’s another question you need to ask yourself: Do you want the low-hanging fruit that falls into your normal three-appointment process, or do you want ALL the fruit? An A+ marketer is also a relationship manager.

They work the nurture systems that keep your practice top of mind month after month until the is time right. They probe and record prospects’ dreams for retirement. They’re your practice’s smiling face that opens the door to the next appointment.

Free up your time to see more prospects, focus more time on marketing, expand your marketing efforts to more lines of prospecting, invest in your marketing for the greatest ROI possible, and build more relationships.

Top advisors have four appointments a day, and top advisors have a marketing specialist on staff. 

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