CAE Case Study: Beer, Batman, and Branding

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I recently attended a holiday kickoff event hosted by one of our vendors, InTandem Promotions, a promotional products distributer. Held at SweetWater Brewing Company, the event showcased some of InTandem’s top manufacturers for branded items.

Let me start off by saying that this was one impressive event! InTandem thought of everything and delivered an effective brand experience, creating powerful interactions between the companies involved and their attending demographics.

They also did an amazing job blending their company’s branding with SweetWater’s — a hippie vibe, complete with tie-dye and an emphasis on nature, specifically fishing.

When I arrived at the event, I was greeted by InTandem staff members dressed in gray tie-dye shirts with their signature teal logo on the front, and given a lanyard — a bright, tie-dyed piece showing the vendor’s logo — with my name badge attached.

Right off the bat, InTandem made sure to personalize their attendees’ experience while making them feel welcome and appreciated, using their brand to effectively create a lasting emotional connection to their company.

As I moved through the event, I was given a pint glass that was co-branded with the brewery and the vendor’s logos (brilliant!) and a branded water bottle.

But it didn’t stop there. To make sure each attendee left on a positive, memorable note, we received cool parting gifts:

  • An insulated cooler bag
  • A stainless steel beverage holder (multi-purpose that can hold liquid, a can, or a bottle!)
  • A great ball cap with the brewery’s signature tie-dye look on the inside of the bill (check out this stylish item in my profile photo below!)
  • A bottle opener
  • A stress toy in the shape of the fish in SweetWater’s logo


InTandem OWNED that event with their products, attention to location and detail, and customer service — in other words, their brand. Even if some attendees didn’t want all that swag, they were still a part of the experience.

So, how does this apply to you? Say you’re hosting a wine event at a restaurant, a winery, or your office. A piece of drinkware like a branded wine glass or wine kit is a must.

When your clients and prospects take home branded items they’re likely to use repeatedly, they’ll see your name over and over, which means they’re more likely to call you when they need your services.

Hosting or sponsoring a golf event? Consider branded golf balls to give to each player. Looking for something with a longer shelf life? Think about giving away a branded golf towel or golf shoe bag.

When planning your event, you want to create not only a unique, memorable experience for clients and prospects but also a world of your own design where you can engage with your audience, just like InTandem did when they worked with SweetWater. You’re creating an emotional response.

And there’s almost no better example of this than a child’s themed birthday party — yes, a child’s themed birthday party.

Recently, my husband and I hosted a superhero-themed party for our son’s birthday. Everything, from the invitations to the decorations to the plates and napkins to the party favors, had a superhero’s touch. We even named the snacks after superheroes!

These children’s theme parties build their own worlds where kids and adults can come together to have a fun, memorable experience — in a brand wonderland.

Speaking of themed parties, consider throwing your own. Guests love them, and a little creativity goes a long way!



Much like it is at your office, your brand should be the star of any event that you host.

Do you have an event coming up that you’d like to weave your brand into? Contact your marketing manager today for some great ideas on how to extend your brand through your events.

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