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Media is a major part of this technological world that we all live in. Internet usage is on the rise and harnessing the power of media in your marketing strategy is key to gain recognition. The addition of podcasts, radio, television, or video into your marketing could make you a local financial celebrity.


Incorporating radio media in your marketing strategy will add credibility with the local community. You could provide a financial guidance that might not be on the local stations. The right radio station, with the right demographic, will reach a large audience of your ideal clients. As most ideal prospects are in the 50+ age range, using radio could be a top producer for lead generation.

Impact’s radio program has 75 to 100 shows every week across the nation with nearly 12 million listeners. The team consists of radio editing specialists, award-winning hosts/producers, talented copywriters, and a savvy media buyer. They all work together to produce exceptional financial shows for financial advisors. Impact’s advisors are heard through transmitting radio waves at all hours of the day and night, providing financial assistance to thousands of people every day.

Through the Impact Radio program, you can record in one of our 10 state of the art, in-house radio studios or we can supply you with a high-quality, professional Impact Studio Recording Kit. Either way, the Impact Radio team will launch you into radio success.

“It has revolutionized my business.”

-Jon S., Impact Radio Advisor


In collaboration with local news stations, you could be a financial celebrity, informing the community of your knowledge with television. You can gain credibility sitting beside community icons on local networks and it can entice prospects who tune in for their favorite news broadcast. You can make that connection with your local community by becoming a familiar face that the audience views from the comfort of their own home.

The Impact Television experience consists of renowned hosts, a multi-million-dollar studio, professional make-up artists, and on-air coaching to help you look and sound your best. Live or recorded, you will have all the tools needed for success.

“We want you to come across as the best version of yourself. Our experience, as a team, uniquely positions us to help you accomplish that.”

Mallory Hoff, Impact Television Host


A podcast can offer a lot of flexibility and accessibility to your presence as a financial advisor. Compared to radio, podcasts are episodes that are pre-recorded and on-demand. By uploading previously recorded radio shows or audio from your television spots, your audience can listen at their own convenience.

Impact’s experience with podcasts presents another access point for advisors to connect with clients or prospects. Providing as many avenues as possible for clients and prospects to reach you is the best way to gain community recognition, credibility, and trust.


With video content on the rise, it is a good time to tell your story. Prospects want to know who you are, what your business stands for, and where you stand in their local community. Creating a video that showcases these aspects of your practice will provide an insight to what you have to offer. Video can provide the ability to share it anywhere and anytime. You can upload it to your website and social media, or maybe even create your own YouTube channel of financial tips.

The assistance of the Impact Video team can help you bring your creative vision to life. After our team travels to your office, they will follow you throughout your day, capturing the business and life of your practice. Our goal is to create a visual that encapsulates who you are as a financial professional.


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Stephen started in the insurance marketing business in 2001 as a new business consultant. In 2002 he was promoted to Director of Sales and built a 200 million book of business from scratch. By 2005, he was one of the top wholesalers in the country, working with some of the top financial advisors and insurance agents across the USA. In 2008, Stephen was promoted to Co-President of one of the largest IMOs in the country.

In 2011, Stephen continued his entrepreneurship path and co-founded The Impact Partnership, an INC 5000 company. Stephen is responsible for the strategic vision of Impact and is laser-focused on creating a culture of growth for both internal teammates and our amazing customers.

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