5 Ways Financial Advisors Can Win Olympic Gold with Their Clients

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Held in Paris from July 26 to August 11, the 2024 Summer Olympics will be the 33rd Olympiad since the reintroduction of the Games in 1896. 241 athletes competed then; this year, more than 500 athletes are expected from the United States alone. Every one of them has been training for years to simply make it to the Olympics, and will now take on the best from the rest of the world in their quest for a gold medal.

The official poster for the 2024 Games.

How about you? Have you been training to make your practice the best it can be? There’s room for improvement in every practice, but do you know where you need to improve? Would you even know how to identify an area that can use improvement?

To help figure out where you need some training, we’ve matched up some Olympic events with practices, processes, and ideas you can integrate into your office to start going for the gold.

The Office Experience: Gymnastics

An athletic tradition dating back to antiquity, gymnastics have been included in the Olympics since the first modern games back in 1896. Who hasn’t been amazed by watching a gymnast perform their spectacular routines? But the keyword is “routine,” which means they practice over and over and over to accomplish a crowd-dazzling performance.

In a similar way, financial advisors should put in the work planning the routines of their office experience. What’s the feeling when someone enters your office — bland acceptance, or excited surprise? Considering each aspect of your routine — from something as big as an HD screen in your lobby that welcomes a client or prospect by name to something as small as a selection of tea and coffee in your break room — can turn an office from a 5 to a 10.

Working with a CMO: Archery

Whether hunting or competing for an Olympic medal, archery is concerned with one goal: accuracy. What are you aiming for? Where are you training your sight? Is your bow up to the task? Is your quiver empty?

If you feel like your aim could use some focusing, then start working with one of Impact’s Advisor CMOs. They can help you with marketing initiatives, solidify event and seminar ideas you have, and get your ambitious web projects up and running. Working side-by-side with your office, a CMO gets your business’ marketing aim on target.

QR Codes: Weightlifting

The sport of “picking up heavy objects and putting them back down” has existed for thousands of years, with competitors in ancient Egypt and Greece lifting heavy stones for their feats of strength. What efficiencies in your practice can do some heavy lifting so you don’t have to?

QR codes! Making a resurgence during the pandemic, QR codes are a great way to get your digital materials to your clients with ease. Instead of printing out every piece of paper or sending out a pallet of links, a QR code collects all your necessary links in a compact image. Embracing this time- and material-saving tech can turn a hundred-pound process into a quick and easy lift.

First Fridays: Triathlon

A comparatively newer entry into the Olympic Games, the triathlon consists of a 1500 meter swim, a 40 km bicycle race and a 10 km run. An athlete must balance several different skills in order to complete successfully.

A First Friday Event can help financial advisors balance different parts of their practice at once. First Fridays accomplish two things for your clients: it makes for a great, regularly occurring get-together, and it collects all the minor appointments you might have into a single, simple calendar day. Host a happy hour (or similar celebration) at your office and invite all your clients. Then, if anyone has loose business like a paper that needs signing, they’re already at the office and can get it done in minutes. Getting everyone involved keeps their head in the game and lets them know you’ve got them in mind.

If you’re looking for other ways to engage your clients, we have some more ideas for unique client appreciation events.

Appreciation Gifts: Awards Ceremony

We’ve reached the end of our Olympic Games, and it’s time to hand out some medals. Naturally, all of your clients have performed admirably. Why not reward them with an appreciation gift?

The right gift at the right time sets the tone for your clients. Yeti drinkware and branded blankets are useful, always welcome, and remind your clients that you’re always right there next to them. Locally-themed gifts make your case even better — think about your area and surroundings and consider what’s best for your clients in, say, a coastal town or big inland city. (First, however, check your states’ laws concerning gifts from financial advisors. They do differ from state to state, and yours might not be as keen as we are about an awards ceremony.)

Getting 10s across the board isn’t necessary for a gold medal, so getting your practice to a gold standard of client experience and service doesn’t require Olympic perfection. But these five areas of attention are a great start to getting you to the winner’s circle every time!

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