Summer Marketing Event Ideas for Financial Advisors

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As we crest over the peak of spring into the green valleys of summer, the time is nearing for financial advisors to start considering their first summer event. What’s the best way to take advantage of our warmest season? When should your plan your first client appreciation event? Where are the hot spots to make the most of summertime sensibilities?

Don’t worry! When it comes to creative ideas for summer events, your friends at Impact are old pros. With years of experience organizing events for all seasons, this post will help give financial advisors great client appreciation and referral event ideas to turn a run of the mill get-together into a sizzling summer shindig.

Outdoor Events in Great Weather

This is the best time of year to take your events outside. Revel in the sunshine and greenery! Aim to recapture the spirit of a childhood summer vacation — feeling free, excited, and active.

The outdoors allow for the classics, like a barbeque in the park or a trip through a botanical garden. If your practice is close to the shore, nothing says “summer party” more than a day at the beach! If not, a catered poolside party still brings the heat for a great summer event.

This is also the ideal time for outdoor sports! Plan a pickleball or badminton game in your local park or sports center, or find a local golf course and organize a scramble. Minor league baseball games combine the atmosphere of a ballpark with the excitement of a visiting carnival — and do so with a far smaller price point than a major league ticket. Find a group deal and take your clients out to the ballgame!

summer marketing ideas

If you want a more refined summer event, host a wine tasting the first Friday of each summer month. You can serve various wines and hors d’oeuvres, and have a nice evening with your clients and their friends. If you’re more into hops than grapes, local breweries often have huge patios you can rent out. Patios are a popular spot for gatherings and, with the weather getting warmer, provide an excellent space for medium- and large-sized events.

…or Indoor Events in Bad Weather

While we all love a great summer day, we also know that the weather can turn from a sunny morning into a stormy afternoon or a punishingly hot day. Stay apprised of the weather so you aren’t caught by surprise. If, however, you have a special date in mind and the weather can’t be helped or predicted that far in advance, an indoor option works just as well!

A movie is a classic way to beat the summer heat and, with summer being blockbuster season, is always a popular client and referral event choice with advisors. 2024’s biggest releases are setting up to be just as big as last summer’s record-setting Barbenheimer season. Find a tavern theatre close to you for a full “dinner and a movie” experience!

Raffles awarding dazzling gifts and experiences are a high-end option for financial advisors. Rent out a ballroom and host an elegant summer gala with cocktails and prizes throughout the night. This is an opportunity to show off the sophisticated side of your practice — embrace a black-tie theme and make your raffle a classy, regal summer event. (Compliance Pro Tip: Make sure to check your state’s gifting laws!)

…or a New Event in Any Climate

Summer’s about renewal — why not try something unconventional? You can check out our post about outside-the-box event ideas and start thinking about new ways to engage your clients and host creative events.

Here’s a suggestion: in addition to their regular repertoire, city orchestras often perform live accompaniments to movies like Jurassic Park, Frozen, and Ghostbusters. Events like these combine the broad appeal of a movie outing with the novelty of a live orchestra. Don’t be afraid to try new things — you never know what will hit!

Keys to a Successful Event

As you’re crafting your next event, you should keep the following in mind:

Don’t make a huge fuss. 

Your events should be relatively easy to host and repeatable in execution. Don’t overcomplicate the process! Choose activities that are enjoyable to both plan and attend. If you’re not having fun, then your guests won’t either. It’s “summer vacation,” not “back to school.”

Don’t forget about size.

Events can vary in size based on what event you choose to do. A wine or beer tasting event works best for groups of 20 people or less. Other events like a movie premiere are good for groups of 75 people or more. Have a good, if rough, idea of how many attendees you expect before selecting your venue. Remember: it’s always better to have too much space than not enough!

Remember your referrals!

It’s an excellent idea for financial advisors to throw events that build strong relationships with clients and increase retention, but don’t miss the opportunity to build a consistent referral program, drive AUM business, and bring in extra revenue. These relationships don’t stop growing in the summer months! If anything, summer provides even more opportunities for clients to join in on the referral fun.

Whether your next summer event is tried-and-true, bold-and-new, or a little bit of everything, our House Rules for summer events is a great resource for planning. You can also borrow from our Spring, Fall and Winter events blogs to see what you can adapt to the summer months.


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