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The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 13, 2017

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means love is in the air – and not just for our loved ones, but for our clients, too. What have you done recently to show your appreciation to those who have made your business successful?

Commercial holidays are great opportunities for hosting client appreciation events, and Valentine’s Day is no different. On a day that’s all about sharing the love, take some time to build and nurture the relationship with your clients.

How to Show Your Clients Love on Valentine’s Day

It’s important to show your clients your appreciation all year round, but holidays are wonderful opportunities to go the extra mile.

1. Handwritten Cards/Letters

Nothing is more personal than a handwritten note. Thank you notes are great, but sending something around an occasion can make all the difference. Sending a card for a client’s anniversary, birthday, or life events like weddings and graduations will show your client that you truly care and remember what’s important to them.

When you send out cards for a holiday, make sure they are personalized. You don’t need to write a long, heartfelt message in each and every card, but having your team sign them makes a big difference.

2. Give a Gift

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Sending a small, branded item that your clients will likely use often helps keep you at the forefront of their mind. Every time they see that item, be it a wine glass, a pen, or something else, they’ll think of you and your practice.

What is great about gifts is they don’t always have to be physical! If you know your client holds a cause close to their heart, make a donation in their name and send them a note about it. This shows you care about a cause that has great meaning to them.

When planning for gifts for your clients, be sure to keep your state’s gifting laws in mind.

3. Client Appreciation Events

Valentine’s Day events are great for loving on multiple clients at once. You can plan and scale these events based on your budget and the effect you want to have. We’ve seen advisors hold wine tasting events with 15 guests, and we’ve had advisors hold movie premier events with 300+ people there.

Consider your budget and your client base – what kind of event would be most attractive to them? If you have lots of clients with children or grandchildren, consider a more family-friendly event. If you want something classy and more adult, opt for something like a wine tasting.

Above all, your clients want to know they are appreciated. They want to know that they are more than a number to you. These are just a few ways to ensure a great relationship with them and drive up those referrals.


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