How to Love on Your Clients This Valentine's Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air, and not just for our loved ones but for our clients too. What have you done recently to show your appreciation to those who have made your business successful?

There are a few things you can do now — and throughout the year — to have your clients feeling the love.

Handwritten Cards and Letters

When you want to tell someone how much you appreciate them, nothing is more personal than a handwritten note. Thank you notes are great, but sending something extra around an occasion can make all the difference. Sending a card for a client’s anniversary, birthday, or child’s wedding/graduation are personal touches that show your client you truly care and remember what’s important to them.

Give a Gift

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Sending a nice set of wine glasses or monogrammed towels are always great options because those are items your clients will likely use often — and they keep you at the forefront of their minds. What’s great about gifts is they don’t always have to be physical! If you know your client is a breast cancer survivor, send them a letter saying you made a charitable donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation (or similar) in their name. This not only shows you know what they’ve been through but that you also care about a cause that has significant meaning to them.

Client Appreciation Events (CAEs)

CAEs are a great way to show appreciation to multiple clients at once. Events can vary in size based on what makes you most comfortable. Some advisors hold wine tasting events for approximately 15 people while others hold movie premier events for 300+ people. Speak with your Marketing Manager to brainstorm more ideas on what kinds of events would be best for your area and clientele.

Clients want to know they’re appreciated, and these are just a few ways to ensure a great relationship with them and help drive up referrals.