WHY Start a Blog?

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Do you have a blog?  Do you think it is worth the time to start a blog? Do you want a blog? Do you have anything to even write about?

These are all questions that anyone has asked before starting a blog. However, other questions you could be asking are: Am I missing the opportunity to provide valuable information to prospects and clients? Am I optimizing my digital presence? Am I improving my social media traffic? Am I gaining leads? Well, all these questions are why you should start a blog.

Worth the Time

I’m sure you think that a blog can be time consuming, but once you start planning out various blogs you want to write, you’ll be surprised how much knowledge you have to share. As a financial professional, you are filled with financial guidance that can be written as a blog. Try writing down a few blog ideas to get started. I am sure you’ll feel inspired with how many you can create. Before you know it, you’ll be writing a blog once a week.

Provide Value

One of the key aspects of starting a blog is to provide valuable content to your audience. Not only does it need to be valuable – it needs to be unique. When you are writing a blog, you need to think about what the audience can learn from you, but what they want. In the field of finance, your audience wants to know that you are educated in the field, but they also want to know what they can learn from you. With that said, try to create blogs that offer valuable financial guidance that your audience can use in their lives.

Add Credibility and Trust

Since you will be providing valuable content in your blogs, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to bolster your credibility. While you are creating valuable content, you are also adding credibility to yourself as a financial professional by creating this financial resource to others.

Also, since blogs are much more casual than a scholarly report, try to keep a conversational tone to build a trust and comfortability with your readers. Your audience and potential clients want to know you are a real person behind all those words.

Build SEO

A blog is a great way to build SEO . Search engine optimization improves the likelihood of your website populating on a search engine. A weekly blog will validate that your site is active and creating new content, so you are more likely to rank even higher on the search results.

On the backend of a blogging platform, such as WordPress, you can enhance your presence by adding SEO details to your post. These include focus key phrases, tags, meta descriptions, and even the general readability of your blog will factor into the SEO algorithms. Don’t worry we will explain these terms in the next blog. Stay tuned!

Create Social Media Content

Another benefit of having a blog is the ability to repurpose blog links as social media posts. If you are using social media for lead generation, as you should, then you have another type of content to post. To even further your social media content, you can create infographics from your blogs. These images of quick tips will drive engagement and possible lead generation.

Drive Prospects and Generate Leads

Once you have established your blog, ask your audience to subscribe to it. When someone subscribes to your blog, they’ll receive updates about new blog postings, but they’ll also be subscribed to your mailing list. This will help with lead generation.

You can also present a call to action with offers in your blog. If you have written a blog about the basics of annuities, you can offer more information with a free consultation. Simply provide a link to your appointment form and inquiring minds can go the next step. Now, you have gained a lead.

Let’s start a blog!  

Blogs have become extremely popular for small and large businesses. Now is the time to start writing! There is so much to gain from the implementation of blogs. A small amount of time spent will potentially gain leads, spark reengagement, and build yourself a digital presence in this digital world.


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