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Posted on April 22, 2021

With Earth Day in mind and the advocacy for a cleaner environment, why not go green in your office? Earth Day is the perfect time to start implementing some greener options in your office space. Unfortunately, we don’t even think about the amount of waste we go through in our office, but it equals up to quite a lot at the end of the day, week, month, and year.

We’ve provided a couple of options to make your office a little greener and how you can better the environment with a few simple changes.

Ditch the Paper & Plastic Cups

We understand the convenience of paper and plastic cups, especially for clients in the office. They’re quick and can be tossed out after each use. However, a client might be even more impressed if you hand them a branded mug or glass

This is a good opportunity to eliminate extra waste from your office, but to improve your branding with clients. If they can take it with them, even better!

Recycle Those K-cups

If you have a Kuerig, as most offices do now, did you know you can recycle those little k-cups? Kuerig made an initiative to be 100% recyclable by the end of 2020. They even provide instructions on how to recycle them on each cup. Their k-cups are #5 plastic and can be recycled at various recycling drop-off locations. Research the recycling options in your areas, empty and save the cups, and then drop them off as often as you can.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Silverware)

Plastic utensils are a staple in most offices. You’d be surprised how many are used daily for teammate meals. Don’t believe me? Count how many are used in one day and multiply it by workdays. It’s a pretty large number.

Provide your breakroom with reusable silverware or ask teammates to keep their own silverware at their desk. It’s a quick scrub in the sink and you are all set for your next meal. This will reduce the amount of plastic in your office and provide your team with durable utensils rather than those flimsy plastic knives.

Recycle Cardboard and Paper

Businesses have shifted to digital communication. However, shipping boxes, shredded documents, or junk mail circulate around the office. Set up recycling bins throughout your office to encourage recycling. If you have janitorial service, ask if they pick up recycling while they are cleaning. If not, locate the nearest recycling center and do a drop-off at the end of the week.

Donate & Volunteer

Earth Day is the perfect time to launch an earth-friendly initiative for your practice. Clients and prospects want to know you are involved in the local community. Also, community involvement is great for your neighbors, clients, the environment, school systems, and so much more. One option is to set up a donation fund for tree planting or bee conservation. Another option is getting out in nature and participating in a local beach or park cleanup. Who knows, you may meet some environmentally savvy prospects that need a financial professional.

Try out a couple of these to go green in your office!



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